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Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho

Shooting Action

Capturing Beauty

Creating Adrenaline

Action Photography is all About Capturing the Full Extent of the Movement in a Single Frame

I grew up reading Israeli Air Force Magazine. My brothers and I used to build paper, cardboard and plastic, aircraft models. Our favorite computer game was Origin Systems' "Strike Commander". Throughout our childhood, our father was (and still is!) attached to his pocket camera. So it's pretty obvious that I got my first camera at 14 (thanks Dad), the first SLR at 15 (thanks sister), and my first DSLR at 16 (thanks Grandad). At 18 I was enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces—and I chose to serve in the best air force in the world—IAF. Sadly (so I thought), they didn't let me serve as a military photographer in the Spokesperson Unit—but to serve as a technician was, surprisingly, a much better experience. Aviation photographers that never actually work on aircraft can never transfer their soul to the audience.

My Specialties

  • Action Photography
  • Aviation Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Nature Photography

What I'll Never Do

  • Weddings
  • Studio Shootings
  • Company Portraits

Featured on

  • CNN
  • Ha'aretz
  • JPG Magazine
  • Defence Update
  • IDF Magazine
  • Kan - Israeli Public Broadcasting
  • Aviation Week
  • Mako N12
Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho Profile Image

Photo by: Tomer Lesher

נחמיה גרשוני איילהו מצלם את הצוות האוירובטי של חיל האוויר מעל מטוס צוקית - צילום: יוסי יערי

IAF Aerobatic Team shooting day, 2010 (photo by: Yossi Yaari)

My Art is about Connecting Human Feelings to Iron and Steel

Elevating Experience

I want you to feel the jet fighters' motion, and let your heart be filled with emotion. Stills can't transfer the sound of a roaring engine, but they can help you taste the sheer power.


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