• Israeli Anti-Missiles Iron Dome In Action

    Smoking Iron

The Protector

On November 14, the IDF launched Operation "Pillar of Defense", a widespread campaign against terror sites and operatives in the Gaza Strip. Over the past several days Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli communities, threatening the lives of millions of civilians (text from IDF Spokesperson re. the operation).

On Friday, November 16th, My friend Nir called me: "Let's go visit the Iron Dome battery near Ashdod, almost nobody has caught the Iron Dome interceptor leaving the canister—and now we have a chance for the shot."

Outside Ashdod. A dusty field - and the battery is so close, we don't even need the telephoto lenses...

Sirens. Our backs shiver. We actually see tens of rockets rising from Gaza (40 km distance), a terrifying barrage.

Then we hear a SWOOSH sound, we click-click-click-click... Oh, the amazing moment when we see the Iron Dome missile intercept the hostile Hamas terror rockets and save lives.

On our way out, an hour before Shabbat begins. We drive back to Tel-Aviv, speeding on our way, to arrive just before sunset. Hamas's rockets follow us, and the Iron Dome intercepts them again.

  • IDF Iron Dome Fire Interceptor Missile
IDF Iron Dome Fire Interceptor Missile

Iron Dome Fire

IDF Iron Dome Fire Interceptor Missile

Iron Dome 1st Missile