Boom Boom Fire

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    The Destroyer


Michael calls me. "Nehemia, I know you have some free time now that you're no longer a soldier, come to Nabi Musa—IDF organized a contest between the tank brigades, and invited media and journalists to cover the event, and I thought you'd love it, too."

I took my gear and went to the Judea Desert IDF base. I served in the air force and this is my first contact with the "green army"—a friendly yet foreign army to me, the "blue" aviationist.

Where there's tanks, there's the powder. Not sand nor soil. Just a ground powder. But this is fun. I'm listening to the tank internal network. The orders have a rhythm, then the tank commander shouts F-AAA-I-RE! BOOM. Three frames per second, click click BO-click-OM!

IDF Tank Merkava Mk IV
IDF Tank Merkava Mk IV